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Art Niche New York (ANNY) is a non-profit effort, hosted by the New York Artists Equity Association (NYAEA), devoted to furthering the cause of the visual arts. ANNY’s mission is to provide a "niche" for New York artists and art-related organizations. The site services queries from the general public as well as the extended art community via the World Wide Web. As the name suggests the primary focus of the service is the New York art world: its artists, galleries, organizations, museums and educational institutions.

This Web site has a number of functions 1) give artists and related organizations an opportunity to publish on the World Wide Web, 2) focus specifically on the New York art world and 3) provide a cross reference to the abundant but as yet unrelated information on the Web including artists, galleries, museums, and other art-related happenings in New York.

Additionally, ANNY provides users easy access to this information via a selective catalogue that is manageable and guaranteed to provide accessible and useful information.

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Regina Stewart, Executive Director